Northern InSigths – Knowledge-based added value

Northern InSigths is a research programme run by a consortium consisting of the Bodø Graduate School of Business (HHB), the University of Tromsø (UiT), Harstad University College (HiH), Nordland Research Institute (NF), NORUT and Bioforsk. The programme is financed by Forskningsløft Nord, the Research Council of Norway.

The project has a number of national and international partners within research as well as solid roots in networks and projects that encompass 85 tourism companies in Northern Norway.

The programme consists of 15 sub-projects dealing with problems related to innovation/learning, marketing, customer perspectives, adding value, destination development, organisation and management within service and experience-oriented tourism contexts in the northern areas of Norway in particular.


The aims of the project

The main aim of the project is to carry out high quality research into (1) service innovation in experience-based tourism and (2) co-creation of values for companies, consumers and the tourism and experience industries in Northern Norway. By establishing a strong system for the exchange of information, the research will contribute to developing and strengthening experience-based tourism through increased competitiveness and sustainability.


  1. To generate research-based knowledge that forms the basis for innovation, adding value and business development. The key words are: comprehensive publicity, international visibility and good dissemination of information.
  2. To strengthen existing networks and cooperation and to develop new networks and cooperation through extended research cooperation. The key words are: integrating partners, developing networks and including all user groups.
  3. Strengthening the attractiveness of the consortium institutions as places to study, as work places for researchers and as partners in R&D collaboration. The key words are: strengthening educational courses (from Bachelors degrees to PhDs), high quality research and collaboration and increased participation in international research activities.
  4. Educating highly qualified candidates and offering relevant knowledge to the industry and to the public sector. The key words are: utilising the large, unique student bodies at the various places of study, developing relevant knowledge for business and the public sector and a high degree of interaction between the R&D and UoH (university and university college sector) environments, the industry and public players.


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